At Inspire Planning Solutions we offer a range of services, which are tailored to suit your requirements.  We have a wealth of experience on providing advice to developers and property owners on projects. In the first instance, we can offer an initial discussion to enable us to understand your proposals and to offer advice on its potential.

We can then prepare a feasibility study, commonly known as a ‘planning appraisal’ in order to quickly tell you what you can build, whether you will get permission and what it will cost. Each planning appraisal is tailored to your specific requirements and thoroughly prepared, reviewing:

  •  The Planning history of the site or other nearby sites,
  •  The Site’s constraints and opportunities
  •  Current and emerging Local and National Planning Policies

The planning appraisal will state whether it is advisable to pursue an application and if pre-application consultation with the LPA would be worthwhile. In many instances, we can look at the alternative uses or schemes that would optimise the value of the site.

Purchasing a property, trying to identify a development site or rationalising your property profile?

Early professional planning advice is key to maximising the chances of a successful outcome and minimising costs. Contact us today and speak to one of our Planning Consultants.

Do you have a greenbelt / greenfield or other constraint site?