Land for building has always been in high demand, and is particularly true for housing land. We are constantly reminded in the news of the country’s shortfall and for those caught up in the housing crisis, it is an everyday reality.

Local Council’s are required to identify land for a range of uses including for residential and commercial purposes, within their ‘Local Plans’ to meet their local needs. You may have land, which is in the Countryside or is protected land such a Green Belt, which presently has very little development potential. The local plan system is however looking five, ten or even fifteen years ahead. This provides the landowner or developer with an opportunity to promote their land and have it identified for a different use such as housing. In the process, this will significantly increase the value of the land.

It is important the Council is provided with properly researched information at the right time as there will be other similar parcels of land that are seeking to be removed from the Green Belt and allocated for housing. We have significant experience in master planning and promoting land and can you can see example of our work here.

If you are a landowner, please get in touch and we can discuss how we can maximise the potential of your site.