Open Space Statement in Support of a Change of Use from a Street Club to a Community Centre and Outdoor Play-Area – Oldham

Council’s use planning policies and designations to guide and control development. Open spaces within urban areas perform a valuable function and development relating to such spaces is tightly governed.Where a development is looking to remove or alter an area of open space, an ‘Open Space Statement’ will form part of the Council’s validation checklist which

A former social club in Oldham, with an attached bowling green,was proposed to be converted to a Community Centre with an outdoor play area. The support of Inspire Planning Solutions Ltd was requested to produce a technical report to justify the change of the Bowling Green to a Chidlren’s play area. By demonstrating that the bowling green existed and operated alongside the Social Club, which had closed, and that the space was not being ‘lost’, but rather being put to another form of open space, the Council agreed that there would no conflict with the Council’s policy aims in this area.

Following the granting of planning permission, we were subsequently appointed to produce a Green Travel Plan to satisfy a planning condition, which was duly discharged. If you required to produce information during or following a planning application, be sure to speak to Our Consultants to see how we can help.