Change of Use from a Vacant Previous Trade Counter to a ‘Crossfit’ Gym - Nelson

Fitness and health regimes are becoming ever more popular in today’s society and the new ‘Crossfit’ fitness regime is amongst one of the biggest growers. The layout of Crossfit is different to that of a traditional gym; as it requires a large unimpeded space free from pillars or other obstructions and a large internal height clearance to accommodate for the rope climb and gymnastic ring. This poses particular constraints on the type of property that is suitable for this user.

After an extensive search, a site, which met the requirements was found but it was suited in a protected employment area. This limited the use of the buildings to those which fell within certain ‘employment’ categories – office, warehousing and industry.

We undertook extensive background work – looking at the circumstances of other ‘non-employment’ users on the estate, marketing history and the lengthy periods of vacancy. Formerly a carpet/tile trade counter, we were able to provide with Council with detailed report, with reference to local and national policy that showed there would be no adverse effect on the Borough’s stock of employment land and that overall, the Crossfit Gym would yield a greater number of jobs than the unit had ever previously provided.

The Council were reluctant to see the change of use on a prime industrial park and following lengthy negotiations and presentations to the Local Area committee and the Strategic Planning Committees (with deliberations going on for over 2 hours!), planning permission was granted.