Change of Use to 20 Bedroom House in Multiple Occupation - Leytonstone, London

Change of use planning applications are popular as they allow the reuse of a building – cost effective for the owner, and better for the environment, rather than knocking down and starting again. We were tasked with appraising and working out the likelihood of obtaining planning permission a site on a site in Leytonstone for a number of possible uses, including housing, apartments, a large House in Multiple Occupation and a Hotel.As alarge former care home, it was clear that the site was suited to some form of residential use! Inspire Planning Solutions Ltd was retained by the property owner and delivered planning permissions for all three (although it did involve a planning appeal hearing and a costs application which was won with the Inspector finding that the Council had behaved unreasonably and caused the owner to incur unnecessary costs)! The tourism industry is growing and the development of this property into a hotel reflects the needs of the ever-changing and dynamic city that London is. With its prime location and accessible location, the property is today operating successfully as a Hotel.