Plans approved for new entertainment facility in Leeds



Inspire Planning Solutions expertise has helped secure permission for a Leeds Entertainment Centre.

We were approached by the Project Architect during the course of the planning application after the Council requested a Sequential Test Assessment to be undertaken for the 16,000 square feet former furniture showroom.  As the intended use – like other leisure facilities such as gyms are identified as a ‘main town centre uses’ by the National Planning Policy Framework, the out of centre location of the site needed to be justified.

Given our experience on leisure developments, we undertook an extensive search of properties and were able to demonstrate that none were available, suitable or viable. The Council agreed that there were no sequentially preferable sites, paving the way for the application to be approved!

Now all that remains is for use to try out the new adventure facilities, which include different fictional sets with various challenges. Let’s hope escaping from locked rooms is as easy for us as gaining planning permission!

Inspire Planning Solutions Ltd works across the Country in providing technical reports to address planning policy requirements. If you are looking to develop a site or have been requested to provide the Council with further information, please get in touch. The timely provision of information can  avoid delay and expense and avoid the need for an appeal.