Obtaining planning permission is key to maximising the value of land or property. It is also commonly one of the first steps in starting a business or extending your home. The planning system is constantly the subject of change and despite efforts to streamline the process, it remains a complex area.

The team at Inspire Planning Solutions includes former Council Planning Officers who have expertise across all types of applications for homeowners, developers and businesses.  The presentation of an application is key to a successful outcome. We understand how planning policies can be used to support your planning application.


We can provide you with a one-stop shop service, including the coordination of your planning application. On larger schemes, we can project manage the preparation of technical reports that are commonly required and have a good network of contacts in range of areas from transportation to the environment.

As Chartered Town Planners

we are bound by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Code of Professional Conduct and therefore we act in the best interests of our clients offering transparent realistic advice.

We closely monitor all our planning applications, addressing any concerns that may be raised. In liaising closely with the Council, before and during the application, we are able to ensure that the right level of detail is provided, and avoid unnecessary planning conditions, saving time and money. Most importantly of all, we do this to secure the best planning permission. With the Council employing Chartered Town Planners, it is essential you have a Planning Consultant working as part of your team.